WTF Walbro 450 Fuel Pump Kit for Evo X / Ralliart

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Meticulously tested and refined for many years now, we are pleased to provide a complete Walbro 450 fuel pump upgrade package for your Evolution X or Ralliart. The kit contains the following components:

  • Genuine Walbro F90000267 450 L/hr fully-E85-compatible fuel pump, ready to drop in
  • Billet aluminum pump holder, pre-installed on the pump in the correct orientation
  • Black, carbon-impregnated (OEM quality, truly E85 compatible) PTFE flexible pump outlet hose (also pre-installed on the pump)
  • Wasatch Turbo Factory inline fuel filter (PTFE hose and AN fittings, custom-made to your specified fuel rail)
-Fuel filter is required when running the Walbro 450 fuel pump-
*If you do not need the fuel filter please select "No" and "N/A" (under both fuel rail options)*

    Our Walbro 450 kit has the following advantages:

    • Pre-assembled and ready to drop-in - only minor wiring required. No other kit on the market gives you a definite means of installation like ours does.
    • Saves you about 30 minutes or more of labor to modify the pump outlet length for proper clearance and then forcefully installing an incorrectly-sized flexible hose onto the pump outlet (which requires a heat gun or method of heating the hose)
    • Our kit ensures proper above-pump clearance and no kinking of the flexible hose. This allows you to get the full capacity from your Walbro 450 unlike other solutions.
    • If installed incorrectly, you can greatly reduce your pumping capacity and even cause early death of your fuel pump or fuel starvation to your engine. We have continually revised our solution to be better and better over the years so you never have to worry about your fuel pump.

    We recommend using the factory wiring on this pump setup up to 500 WHP on E85. Past that point, you should use a PWM controller such as from Easy Performance to properly regulate the pump. For anything but a dedicated drag car, a relay-based hard-wired pump is not an acceptable solution as it leads to elevated fuel pressure under idle/cruise and therefore a car that is impossible to properly tune, constant pumping of fuel at full flow through the hot engine bay leading to elevated fuel temperatures and lean-out issues after extended driving, and extra stress on the pump leading to decreased lifespan.

    Recommended return venturi jet orifice size: 5/64" (2.0 mm)

    WTF inline fuel filter line instructions *Click Here*

    WTF Walbro 450 pump kit instructions *Click Here*

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    Definitely recommend!

    Great value and great people to deal with. Shipping was quick and they were glad to answer any questions I had! These guys are definitely my go to and much easier to deal with than some of the other “big shots” out there.

    Awesome customer service

    I mess up the shipping address, so the order got send back by usps. WTF got the order back to me fast and with out charge for second shipping. Thank you Wtf looking forward to do business again


    WTF Walbro 450 Fuel Pump Kit for Evo X / Ralliart

    Fantastic Kit!

    Easy install, works like a charm. Another great product from WTF! Would recommend to anyone!

    Walbro 450 fuel pump and inline fuel filter.

    Great product, I would recommend it to anyone. Super easy to install with the step by step directions that WTF supplies with the product! Super fast shipping! And as always great customer service! If I send a message to WTF they always reply back with in a reasonable time! Mornings, nights, weekends, anytime! And always have a answer to any of my questions! A++ customer service for sure!! I would recommend Wasatch Turbo Factory to anyone that is a automotive enthusiasts! I can’t wait till WTF can tune my Evo X! Simply because they are the best in the business and I choose nothing but the best for my car!

    Thanks WTF!
    Much appreciated!