WTF Evo X / Ralliart Firewall Heat Shield

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We are proud to announce our in house design for a budget friendly firewall heat shield without sacrificing quality. Fabricated from 1/8" aluminum, we are making them available in both raw and black Cerakote. (Custom colors available for an additional fee).

Made to protect your car and vital components from heat while fitting almost anything currently on the market. R&D done in house for the best fitment and standards.

Plus it looks great too!

*Cam Sensor/UICP and MIVEC solenoid heat shields are available here or individually also*

Cam angle sensor / UICP coupler Heat Shield Info

MIVEC solenoid / feeder valve Heat Shield Info


  • 2008+ Evo X GSR/MR
  • 2009+ Ralliart


  • 1/8" precision-bent aluminum
  • Beautifully TIG-welded joint
  • Protects firewall wiring, ABS module, and other components from heat from turbocharger and exhaust manifold
  • Large coverage area
  • Best fitment available and maximum compatibility with all known stock-frame turbo setups and almost all popular turbo kits
  • Compatible with Driven Fabrication EFR kits both bottom- and top-mount, ETS T3/T4 turbo kits, MAP turbo kits, Full-Race EFR turbo kits both IWG and EWG, and more
  • Can be installed without removal of turbo or exhaust components - strut tower bar removal required
  • Clears stock, Cusco, Password JDM, Carbing, Colt Speed, Beatrush, and other strut tower bars / braces.

Note: 2008-2010 models have a thin steel MIVEC valve shield from factory but the factory shield is not compatible with our firewall heat shield. Our MIVEC valve shield is larger, has better coverage, and works on all model years, and for an extra $25 (raw option) is a great value.

    Customer Reviews

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    Installed the shield, pretty straight forward on what to do. Bolted right up perfectly and looks really clean. 10/10

    Heat shield

    Great fit. Easy to install. Works great. -mityaz

    Very good, but could be improved

    Overall, five stars for what it is. Fitment was top notch and overall the quality seems good. However, I do believe this product could be even better. I modified the stock fire wall heat shield by cutting off the top and riveting that strip to the driver's side end of the OE fire wall shield. This creates additional coverage for the ABS lines and heater core lines. I was also able to bend the end of this strip to add protecting. The OE firewall shield, once modified, is pined in place by the WTF main shield and is rattle-free.

    The cam angle sensor shield is good, but I believe it would benefit from being taller than just flush with the top of a mouthing area, maybe even angled back some.

    I think the design that WTF has is the best out there for extended coverage, but for track junkies like me I would like even more coverage, even if this mean an "inconvenience" in installing the shield (which is what I am sure people would complain about). Nice job WTF.

    Note: the heat shields were installed with a 18k turbo, OE manifold and ETS FMIC piping and intake on a 2011 GSR. I will be happy to upload a bunch of photos, too.

    Complete Heat Shield

    Perfect for my 2010 RA

    WTF Firewall Heat Shield review update.

    I was having a buzzing noise coming from the heat shield, I took it off and noticed the top heat shield mounting bracket was bent kind of pushed it, after I corrected the position the heat shield sat like 3mm away from the firewall, this took care of the buzzing noise, it was user error xDDD

    Thanks guys for all your help!!