WTF Evo X / Ralliart Cam Sensor + UICP Heat Shield

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* Raw shields are IN STOCK *
Please contact us to order black ceramic coated shields

We are proud to announce our in house design for a budget friendly cam angle sensor and UICP coupler heat shield without sacrificing quality. Fabricated from 1/8" aluminum, we are making them available in both raw and ceramic-coated black. (Custom colors available for an additional fee).

Made to protect your car and vital components from heat while fitting almost anything currently on the market. R&D done in house for the best fitment and standards.

Essential for any tubular manifold setup or track car. After only a few heat-soaked pulls, silicone couplers can succumb to the heat and pressure. Our heat shield prevents you from getting stranded due to a UICP coupler blow-out.

In addition, cam angle sensor and harness plug heat damage is common on tubular manifolds and cast manifolds without heat shielding.

Plus it looks great too!


  • 2008+ Evo X GSR/MR
  • 2009+ Ralliart 
  • Stock turbocharger / any stock frame turbocharger
  • Fits most stock frame manifolds (cast and tubular) to our knowledge, including the popular MAP Investment Cast Manifold. Must be installed prior to manifold installation on manifolds where #4 runner is close to the mounting location.
  • Fits Full-Race EFR turbo kit (IWG only, EWG requires some trimming of the heat shield but will fit with the bottom corner cut)
  • Fits Driven Fabrication EFR turbo kit (bottom mount only, top mount does not allow for a shield in this location)
  • Fits all bottom-mount ETS turbo kits to our knowledge
  • DOES NOT FIT MAP tubular manifold.
  • DOES NOT FIT MAP V-band PTE turbo kit (but may fit their other turbo kits). We do have a design in the works that fits this kit. Please inquire if you're interested.
  • * Uses the factory jump start grounding post as a mounting point. If you are missing this factory bolt, you'll need an M8x1.25 - 16 mm length bolt.

Customer Reviews

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Heat shield

Great piece, fits well and provides protection for the sensor and uicp. Anyone with and upgraded manifold definitely will Like how clean it looks. Thanks again W.T.Factory

Thank you for the great review, we are glad you are liking the heat shield! Let us know if you need anything else.
Great Product

a very needed product for anyone who owns and EVO X the shield is thick and light weight in the same time. it fits perfectly and protects the camshaft positioning sensor as well as the inter-cooler pipe thank you W.T.Factory.

We are glad to hear it was exactly what you needed!
Cam Sensor & UICP Heat Shield

I love both of these pieces. They fit perfectly, look great plus the quality is always top notch.

Aluminum Heat Shield

Great fab & fitment! Now I have peace of mind knowing my sensor and plug won't melt.

Cam Sensor + UICP Heat Shield

Installed with ease after purchasing bolts (see below)
Fit / functionality is great
Support was quick to answer any questions.

Did not come with bolts for install, a few cents at the hardware store.
Sharp edges everywhere. Fit / functionality is great, finish not so much. Expected more for the price.

I'm sorry you weren't fully satisfied with our product. No hardware for this piece is required as the factory ground post is present here and that factory bolt is intended to be utilized when you replace that post with the heat shield. Hand finishing each of these shields would increase the price about $15 per unit. If you feel that you'd like to pay that much extra for that on a part purely for esthetics since it's not a handle or interface, we'd gladly accept such feedback and increase the price. If there's anything we can do to assist, please let us know.