GSC Power-Division Billet Evolution X S2 Camshafts

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The GSC Power-Division S2 Billet cams for the Mitsu Evo X are designed for those with 600HP+ in mind. Gains of 40-80whp (depending on Turbo) have been seen by simply bolting the S2 cams in. 

  • Designed for a rev range of 3800-8500rpms,
  • The S2 cams require an upgraded valve spring.
  • Forged Billet Core
7010S2 ADV Duration Duration @ 1mm Peak Lift
Intake 274 230 11.20mm
Exhaust 274 230 11.00mm

Customer Reviews

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Great Cams to use with GTX3576

Was recommended these cams to alleviate the surge characteristic of the ATP stock frame gtx3576r (gen1) turbo. Mid range boost used to suck with the surge, but now seems to be back and thanks to TJ for all the tuning.