Evo X / Ralliart Remote E-Tune

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Absolutely no refunds. Our services are in high-demand as always, so please make sure you and your car are ready to commit to a remote tune before ordering. Every order we receive has an impact on our schedule and workload. Base map delivery time is highly dependent on current workload, time of year / busy seasons, and the personal schedule of WTF employees; as stated below, you will be contacted almost immediately by our team with an ETA of when we can get started.

If you are in a time-critical situation where you need a base map ASAP to run your car, please give us at least 2 weeks prior notice before your need-by date. All e-tune customers are handled in the order in which orders are placed by default, so details need to be hashed out ahead of time if you have a deadline in mind.

Full custom E-Tune from UT_EvoX for your 2008+ Evo X or Ralliart. Our team will personally contact you via email to confirm the details for your base map. Please make sure to check the email address you use to check out with PayPal for an email from us.

Here's a guide on how the e-tuning process works: The E-Tuning Process


  • Base map constructed from data aggregated from countless 4B11's personally e-tuned and dyno tuned by UT_EvoX (TJ)
  • Meticulous expert calibration of MAF and injectors
  • Optimized boost, timing advance, and burn ratio (AFR) curves for your particular turbo and fuel
  • Custom MIVEC mapping for every combination of major breathing mods and camshafts. Eliminates bogging or "dead spots" on big cam cars, especially bogging between shifts on SST equipped cars.
  • SST-related calibration for equipped cars
  • Perfect balance of factory-quality driveability and optimal, safe power delivery
  • Unlimited number of revisions, though most cars tune out to perfection in less than 10 on a single fuel


  • Tephra V1 / V3 with map switching (+$75 for each additional map - methanol, race gas, E85 - already included in drop-down pricing for 1-map option)
  • Tephra V3 NLTS + launch map features only (+$100 for a donation to Tephra - already included in drop-down pricing) - GSR / 5MT only
  • Tephra V3 Flex Fuel (+$75 for flex fuel tuning and +$100 for a donation to Tephra - already included in drop-down pricing) - MR and GSR are supported, but contact us for full details on the supported models/model years. More information here: Tephra V3 Information


  • Laptop / netbook w/ Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 Installation
  • If using a Mac, a dual boot installation of Windows will work
  • Tactrix 2.0 Cable - Mitsubishi reflash adapter not required
  • EvoScan v2.9+
  • EcuFlash 1.44+
  • Wideband gauge w/ serial or USB logging supported in EvoScan (AEM UEGO, AEM Wideband Failsafe, Innovate, or Zeitronix)

Customer Reviews

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Evo X Mr E-tune experience

So far so good !! , Nate and TJ have been help full in the e-tune process they are great with the Evo x MR trans and know how to get full potential out of the car. they notice and correct things that other tuners either over look or don't care to take the time to get corrected. these guys are in this business to get the most proper potential out of there E-tunes, my car its still in process , just cant wait for the end results!!

Great to hear your car is running well! We really appreciate the kind words and are glad to help!

Reply only once in two weeks
Sometimes longer

Great Product! Great Service! Great Shop!

Still in the process of perfecting my tune. This was a great purchase and the service & communication between Nate and TJ has been amazing. I would highly recommend this company for performance products! TJ has made the process easy to understand and is very helpful when I have any questions. If you want a E-Tune or even a dyno tune, I would highly recommend this shop to anyone!

Thank you for your review Andrew! We are so glad to hear that you are happy with our customer service and tuning.
TJ knows his stuff

My Evo had been tuned by several different tuners and I was disappointed with all of them. Car felt unreliable, and I was beginning to regret modifying the car at all. TJ started from scratch and now the its a completely different animal. Runs super smooth and more power than the tires are able to use. I don't see myself trusting anyone anyone else but TJ with my tune from here on out.

Thank you so much for your review! We are glad we were able to help and that you are loving the car again.
You get what you pay for!

Probably the most important thing for you EVO X is a solid tune. TJ makes that happen and then some. The E-tune process is very orderly and detailed from the start ( pay attention and follow the directions :) ). TJ guides you through the process making it easy, even if you have never had a E-tune before. This is probably the best dollar value for your Evo X anywhere. If you can't get to their shop in person this is a great alternative. Very pleased with the E-Tune Service.

We really appreciate your review and are happy to hear you are happy with our tuning service! Look forward to working with you more in the future, so don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or anything else you may need.