Oil change w/ Red Line 0W-40 + K&N filter

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Good for the heart.

  • Recommended oil change interval (OCI) for turbo cars 3000 mi
  • 2000 mi for cars with VTA catch cans
  • Red Line 0W-40 is a Group V polyolester oil with a superior HTHS rating and great sheer stability. It also contains an elevated level of ZDDP which helps protect your engine and turbo under the most strenuous conditions. Learn more here.
  • Includes up to 5 qt oil (enough for all 4 cylinder engines and some V6's)
  • K&N Performance Gold oil filter included w/ change - a brand you know and trust!
  • Includes a new OEM crush washer - every time
  • Other oil options available upon request - we recommend Motul or Red Line for any modified or tuned Evo or Subaru for additional protection over the weak factory Mobil 1 5W-30 recommendation, especially during summer weather.

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My car always seems a bit happier after a fresh oil change. If you have invested money in some good power mods, don't cut corners with the lifeblood of the car. My car gets driven a lot and still runs like new thanks to WTF and regular oil changes.