WTF 600 WHP E85 Fuel System

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Meticulously tested for many years now, we are pleased to provide a complete 600 WHP E85 (800+ WHP on race fuel) fuel system upgrade package for your Evolution X or Ralliart. The kit contains the following components (a $1590 value):

  • Injector Dynamics ID1700x injectors w/ fully stainless internals (compatible with all known fuels). New and improved Evo X fitment!
  • Injector Dynamics plug-and-play Denso to USCAR adapters
  • Genuine Walbro F90000267 450 L/hr fully-E85-compatible fuel pump, ready to drop in
  • COBB Delrin pump ring, pre-installed on the pump in the correct orientation
  • Black, carbon-impregnated (OEM quality, truly E85 compatible) PTFE flexible pump outlet hose (also pre-installed on the pump)
  • Wasatch Turbo Factory inline fuel filter (PTFE hose and AN fittings, custom-made to your specified fuel rail)
  • Fuel rail NOT included

These are the best parts money can buy for the most important part of your engine. Take advantage of this great bundle pricing w/ included deep discounts on our in-house parts and save over $150!


Want to know why we recommend ID injectors and find no others acceptable? Why Injector Characterization Data and Dynamic Mathching Are So Important

WTF injector data provided to self-tuners upon request.

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