WTF Evo X / Ralliart MIVEC Valve Heat Shield

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* Raw shields are IN STOCK *
Please contact us to order black ceramic coated shields

We are proud to announce our in-house design for a budget friendly MIVEC solenoid / feeder valve heat shield without sacrificing quality. Fabricated from 1/8" aluminum, they are available in both raw and ceramic-coated black (custom colors available for an additional fee).

Made to protect your car and vital components from heat while fitting almost anything currently on the market. R&D done in house for the best fitment and standards.

Essential for any tubular manifold setup or track car. We see melted connectors/plugs on the MIVEC solenoid all of the time, especially if your turbo-to-manifold gasket blows out.

Plus it looks great too!


  • 2008+ Evo X GSR/MR
  • 2009+ Ralliart 
Note: 2008-2010 models have a MIVEC valve shield from factory. Ours is larger and has better coverage but is intended for 2011+, those who are missing the shield, or those who want to match all three WTF shields together.

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    Great Product

    Great product. Very heavy duty and well made.