WTF Evo X / Ralliart Cam Sensor + UICP Heat Shield

$ 50.00


We are proud to announce our in house design for a budget friendly cam angle sensor and UICP coupler heat shield without sacrificing quality. Fabricated from 1/8" aluminum, we are making them available in both raw and ceramic-coated black. (Custom colors available for an additional fee).

Made to protect your car and vital components from heat while fitting almost anything currently on the market. R&D done in house for the best fitment and standards.

Essential for any tubular manifold setup or track car. After only a few heat-soaked pulls, silicone couplers can succumb to the heat and pressure. Our heat shield prevents you from getting stranded due to a UICP coupler blow-out.

In addition, cam angle sensor and harness plug heat damage is common on tubular manifolds and cast manifolds without heat shielding.

Plus it looks great too!


  • 2008+ Evo X GSR/MR
  • 2009+ Ralliart 
  • Stock turbocharger / any stock frame turbocharger
  • Fits all stock frame manifolds (cast and tubular) to our knowledge
  • Fits Full-Race EFR turbo kit
  • Fits Driven Fabrication EFR turbo kit (top mount and bottom mount)
  • DOES NOT FIT MAP V-band PTE turbo kit (but may fit their other turbo kits)