Evo X / Ralliart Dyno Tune

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Full payment required in order to schedule.

Once a tune is purchased and scheduled, no refunds will be granted but your scheduled tune date can be changed if we are notified 3 business days (M-F) in advance. This is our standard refund policy due to high demand and scheduling constraints, no exceptions.

If your car is not yet ready to tune, or if you are unsure what date your car will be ready for tuning, please purchase this instead: Evo X / Ralliart Dyno Tune (Voucher)

Full custom WTF Dyno Tune from TJ Van Cott (UT_EvoX) for your 2008+ Evo X or 2009+ Ralliart on our AWD Mustang Dyno. Please make sure to check the email address you use during checkout for an email from us as we will reach out to confirm scheduling before your appointment. If you have any questions, contact us here.

Our dyno tune option is a drop off / pick up service only as our dyno is located in Tooele at our UMC track garage facility, separate from our West Valley City service facility. No customers are allowed inside our dyno bay for insurance and safety reasons, but video footage of your car can be provided if you request it in advance. If you wish to watch your car during your dyno tune, we can arrange this; however, we need to be informed of your desires at the time of scheduling. You will be responsible for your own transportation to/from UMC as all pre-dyno inspection work occurs at our service facility in West Valley City.

Within 1 business day (24 hrs M-F) of purchase, our team will contact you to confirm your selected date, and will inform you up front if we are unable to honor the selected date due to lack of availability or scheduling conflicts.

Vehicles may be dropped off any time before 10 AM on the scheduled tuning date. An after-hours key drop is available. Vehicles may be picked up after 3 PM until 6 PM the same day, or the next business day (M-F) between 10 AM - 6 PM (normal business hours).

If your vehicle does not pass our Pre-Tune Inspection and an immediate fix cannot be made to rectify the deficiency, we will notify you immediately and your tune will need to be rescheduled to a later date. Because of this, we encourage setting a separate appointment for the inspection and this will be offered up when we contact you after your purchase is made.


  • Custom ECM mapping constructed from data aggregated from several hundred 4B11's personally tuned by TJ
  • Meticulous expert calibration of MAF and injectors
  • Optimized boost, timing advance, and burn ratio (AFR) curves for your particular turbo, breathing mods, and fuel(s)
  • SST-related ECM calibration for cars so equipped
  • SST TCU reflash to latest TSB ROM and factory teach-in procedure to optimize clutch engagement. For Ralliarts, this includes a flash to MR firmware to enable S-Sport mode and Launch Control
  • Perfect balance of factory-quality driveability and optimal, yet safe power delivery
  • Required Pre-Tune Inspection consists of cranking compression test, boost leak test, suspension + brake + tire evaluation, and fluid level and health check (engine oil, coolant, power steering, brake fluid, transmission (MT only), transfer case, rear diff (both rear diff fluids on Evo)). A detailed inspection report is provided to you after your tune.
  • Also inspection of common 4B11T failure points and minor corrections (FPR line replacement, secure and/or replace any questionable vacuum hoses, fuel pump relay swap). Labor is included on minor corrections, supplies and parts are additional.
  • Upgraded injectors and 3-port EBCS should be left off your car until tuning. We will need to install these components at the time of tuning to ensure the safety and reliability of your engine (see our FAQ for details). Discounted installation services are available. $25 to install EBCS on Evo X, $35 to install on Ralliart. Injectors installed for $50. We offer full installation services, but please contact us ahead of time if you would like us to handle your upgrades from installation to tuning.

Pricing & Options:

  • Dyno tune ($380) + Pre-Tune Inspection ($120) - $500 overall
  • Map switching (+$185 for each additional map - methanol injection, race gas, E85 - additional price includes labor to swap fuels)
  • Flex Fuel 91 octane <-> E85 automatic map interpolation (+$185 which includes labor to swap fuels on the dyno). Additional Flex Fuel System is required.
  • Tephra V3 software for 2+ alternate fuel maps, enhanced launch maps, and/or Flex Fuel support (+$100 for the Tephra license). This licensing fee must be paid for all Flex Fuel tunes unless you already have a Tephra V3 ROM licensed to your VIN (please contact us before purchase if this is the case). If you have a Tephra V2 ROM already, the upgrade to V3 is $50 instead (please contact us before purchase if this is the case).
  • SST cars are +$50 for additional mapping, reflash, and Teach-In work as listed above.


  • Stock fuel injectors or Injector Dynamics injectors only (please contact us to purchase)
  • Acceptable fuel pump system w/ proper filtration. No "hard-wired" fuel pumps. (please contact us if you have any questions).
  • COBB Accessport is not supported on the Evo X / Ralliart platform and your car will be tuned with unique open source capabilities for better drive quality, safety, and reliability (see our FAQ for more details)
  • Wideband gauge w/ logging capabilities preferred, but not required (AEM UEGO, AEM Wideband Failsafe, Innovate, Zeitronix). If we have to install and use an external wideband for cars that do not have their own functioning wideband gauges, a $25 additional charge will apply.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Flex fuel dyno tune!!!

TJ tuned my car, and wow it’s never felt better!! It feels great and makes power fast! TJ made sure it wasn’t only a good tune but a safe tune as well! I recommend TJ and the whole WTF crew for any tuning or performance needs! I have the MHI18K turbo and after talking to TJ for months before my tune he helped me make the decision on what turbo to get based on my goals. Very knowledgeable, and always has a answer for any question asked. For anything I do to my car or for future tuning I plan to go to back to Wasatch Turbo Factory! Thanks TJ and WTF crew!!!!!

Dyno tune flex fuel

Tj is awsome did amazing on my car tuned it perfect took his time and made sure it was safe and good to drive. Thanks again wasatch turbo factory


Wow. TJ is absolutely amazing. Before I even paid TJ for the tuning of my car we talked a lot about my goals and how to achieve the power that I wanted. During the tuning process I couldn't believe how amazing my car felt and it wasn't even close to being finished. After it was all said and done my car made exactly the power that we had discussed and I truly feel like my car runs better than the day I bought it completely stock. That also includes driving my car up to 10,000 ft above sea level. So if you're looking for an Evo X guru TJ is definitely the person you want on your team. Thanks again TJ!!!!!!!

A tune far beyond my expectations!

TJ has a vast knowledge that goes beyond other tuners, which results in SAFE, POWERFUL, cars exibiting very refined drivability. My car makes more power than I expected, and even more importantly I feel confident that all is well every time I mash the go pedal! Furthermore, all communication comes in a very timely manner, while addressing all questions and concerns. I recieved fantastic customer service!


TJ has to be one of the most patient humans in this planet. lol this guy has helped me so many times i will gladly buy anything from him anytime . guys do yourself a favor and let this guy touch your car . it will be the best decision you will ever make. =) god bless bro.