WTF Evo X Flex Fuel System

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New WTF V2 design! 

These will be available again soon!

It's finally here ... a true flex fuel kit for the Evo X! After working with Tephra to get V3 tested and launched for several months, the Evo X community now has true native flex fuel support available. This WTF-spec flex fuel sensor kit is the safest and simplest-to-install kit on the market.

  • Custom WTF converter module with secure mounting points
  • Direct plug-and-play wiring for USDM Evo X's and Ralliarts (2008-2015)
  • Compatible with Tephra V3 flex fuel functionality (see us for tuning!)
  • OEM Continental flex fuel ethanol content sensor
  • WTF-spec stainless braided PTFE fuel line, with protective black coating - PTFE fuel line never emits any fuel smell or vapors as it is impermeable; the additional vinyl coating over the internal stainless braid on this hose ensures the hose will never abrade and cause a dangerous fuel leak
  • Screw-on / spin-on (as opposed to clip-on) fuel line adapters - these will never leak or blow off under pressure/torsion. Cheap clip-on type EFI adapters are prone to installation mistakes and failure in applications such as these where there is a lateral load on the fuel hose end.


  • Only takes minutes to install! Plugs into your evaporative emissions canister solenoid and fuel tank pressure sensor wiring harnesses. No cutting, splicing, or wiring required of any sort... it's purely plug-and-play. Do not be mistaken, other units you see out there with Innovate/Zeitronix gauges are NOT plug-and-play and require wiring and mounting.
  • Ethanol content readily logged via EvoScan on your laptop or Torque Pro Android app w/ a $25 ELM327 Bluetooth adapter (available on Amazon or at other retailers) and the MUT Plugin v2 for Torque.
  • Plug-and-play wiring and integration with Tephra V3 software allows your tuner to calibrate your car to safely run any mix of E85 and pump gas in your car.
  • Fueling, boost, and ignition timing can all be expertly adjusted based upon the sensor output from the flex fuel module.

Click here to download a PDF installation guide

Output voltage range: 0.5 - 4.5 V (0% ethanol to 100% ethanol)

Customer Reviews

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Great product

Super fast shipping. Haven’t installed it yet but looks and feels higher quality. There communication is awesome!


Received the package in a timely manner in good shape. Haven’t opened of put the flex-fuel kit in yet but looking forward to it! The evo is safe in the garage till spring.

Evo X flex fuel

Easy to install, the directions were straight forward.

Excellent quality

Upgraded from another system. Great quality as always.

Wtf flex fuel kit

Nice kit definitely shop again