Remote SST PassThru CAN: Software, Teach-in, Firmware/S-sport

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We are happy to announce we now are offering live remote in options for PassThru CAN. This will allow us to install the software on your computer, perform a teach-in, or even flash S-sport (Ralliart only). This also would also apply to firmware updates on the older older RA/MR TCU models that do not support the teach-in function.

This is not a software download. It is a remote service that must be scheduled and is subject to time availability.

Teach-in Information (Ralliart/MR): A lot of guys think a teach-in is required only when the SST has been modified. This is true, but is only part of the story. A teach-in is a very important function as it allows the SST to "relearn" itself also. We have found this very beneficial on cars that are having minor SST hiccups (minor slip, sloppy 1-2 shift, etc) or that are higher mileage. It never hurts to get it done. Now a teach-in is not a guaranteed fix, but it can make a big difference in how the SST performs.

S-sport (Ralliart) Information: For the Ralliart, Mitsubishi did not provide it with S-sport from the factory. This is an important upgrade, even to a stock car. It is even something we require for our ECU tunes due to the added torque. S-sport adds 20% more clutch pressure over Sport mode. (Despite the rumors that Sport mode can not be tuned to have as much clutch pressure as S-sport). We often hear about the different 5th/6th gear ratios causing slip with a Ralliart and S-sport. This is NOT true. If you see rev hunt (which is unlikely with our tunes) it is only a discrepancy between the ECU and TCU for RPM. The clutches are not slipping and it does not hurt the SST. It generally happens around 1700-2100 RPM and can usually be driven around (meaning upshift or downshift). *Note: S-sport on a Ralliart under warranty will void the warranty (stock Ralliart firmware can be flashed back to the TCU).*

Firmware Update: The older TCU came with a firmware version that did not support the teach-in. By updating the firmware, we are able to have the ability to do a teach-in on older TCUs. Years that are included are 2008-2009 RA/MR. (Doing S-sport on the Ralliart automatically updates the firmware, but the firmware update can be done without S-sport).


  • PassThru CAN Only: Includes the install of PassThru CAN (with proper registry edits) and the necessary files to peform the teach-in, firmware update, and S-sport firmware. (No how-to help will be given for performing the functions). -This is for the guys who have done the research how to do everything, but do not feel comfortable installing the software.
  • PassThru CAN+Teach-in: Includes the install of the PassThru CAN software (as above), the necessary files, and performing of the teach-in procedure for the SST. -A way to monitor trans temp (Evoscan for example) is recommended.
  • PassThru CAN+Firmware Flash: Includes the install of the PassThru CAN software, the necessary files, and the flashing of the firmware to the TCU. -This is for Ralliarts wanting S-sport or Ralliarts/MRs wanting/needing the firmware update.
  • PassThru CAN+Firmware Flash+Teach-in: A combination of everything above. This includes the install the PassThru CAN software, the necessary files, the flashing of the firmware, and performing the teach-in procedure. -This is recommended by us, and is required for RAs/MRs that want a teach-in but have the old TCU firmware.

*Note: If you have PassThru CAN installed already but want a teach-in and/or firmware flash, please contact us.*


  • Laptop / netbook w/ Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 Installation (If using a Mac, a dual boot installation of Windows will work)
  • Tactrix 2.0 Cable (Reflash adapter not required)
  • TeamViewer (Instructions for setup will be provided)
  • Internet at the car for teach-in and/or firmware flash options

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