Remote SST PassThru CAN: Software, Teach-in, Firmware/S-sport

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We are happy to announce we now are offering live remote in options for PassThru CAN. This will allow us to install the software on your computer, perform a teach-in, or even flash S-sport (Ralliart only). This also would also apply to firmware updates on the older older RA/MR TCU models that do not support the teach-in function.

Teach-in Information (Ralliart/MR): A lot of guys think a teach-in is required only when the SST has been modified. This is true, but is only part of the story. A teach-in is a very important function as it allows the SST to "relearn" itself also. We have found this very beneficial on cars that are having minor SST hiccups (minor slip, sloppy 1-2 shift, etc) or that are higher mileage. It never hurts to get it done. Now a teach-in is not a guaranteed fix, but it can make a big difference in how the SST performs.

S-sport (Ralliart) Information: For the Ralliart, Mitsubishi did not provide it with S-sport from the factory. This is an important upgrade, even to a stock car. It is even something we require for our ECU tunes due to the added torque. S-sport adds 20% more clutch pressure over Sport mode. (Despite the rumors that Sport mode can not be tuned to have as much clutch pressure as S-sport). We often hear about the different 5th/6th gear ratios causing slip with a Ralliart and S-sport. This is NOT true. If you see rev hunt (which is unlikely with our tunes) it is only a discrepancy between the ECU and TCU for RPM. The clutches are not slipping and it does not hurt the SST. It generally happens around 1700-2100 RPM and can usually be driven around (meaning upshift or downshift). *Note: S-sport on a Ralliart under warranty will void the warranty (stock Ralliart firmware can be flashed back to the TCU).*

Firmware Update: The older TCU came with a firmware version that did not support the teach-in. By updating the firmware, we are able to have the ability to do a teach-in on older TCUs. Years that are included are 2008-2009 RA/MR. (Doing S-sport on the Ralliart automatically updates the firmware, but the firmware update can be done without S-sport).


  • PassThru CAN Only: Includes the install of PassThru CAN (with proper registry edits) and the necessary files to peform the teach-in, firmware update, and S-sport firmware. (No how-to help will be given for performing the functions). -This is for the guys who have done the research how to do everything, but do not feel comfortable installing the software.
  • PassThru CAN+Teach-in: Includes the install of the PassThru CAN software (as above), the necessary files, and performing of the teach-in procedure for the SST. -A way to monitor trans temp (Evoscan for example) is recommended.
  • PassThru CAN+Firmware Flash: Includes the install of the PassThru CAN software, the necessary files, and the flashing of the firmware to the TCU. -This is for Ralliarts wanting S-sport or Ralliarts/MRs wanting/needing the firmware update.
  • PassThru CAN+Firmware Flash+Teach-in: A combination of everything above. This includes the install the PassThru CAN software, the necessary files, the flashing of the firmware, and performing the teach-in procedure. -This is recommended by us, and is required for RAs/MRs that want a teach-in but have the old TCU firmware.

*Note: If you have PassThru CAN installed already but want a teach-in and/or firmware flash, please contact us.*


  • Laptop / netbook w/ Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 Installation (If using a Mac, a dual boot installation of Windows will work)
  • Tactrix 2.0 Cable (Reflash adapter not required)
  • TeamViewer (Instructions for setup will be provided)
  • Internet at the car for teach-in and/or firmware flash options

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Job well done and good communication

As advertised. Kept me up to date and informed. Successful mission

Thanks for your review! We are glad everything worked out!
Pass thru can software

Haven’t used it yet but aside from that, the service was great

Thank you so much! Please let us know if there is anything else you need.

great job guys keep it up


Excellent job - regards from Poland

Thank you so much!
Was not able to complete teach in.

Failed to complete teach in for my 2015 Evo X MR. Most steps were complete except for boost portion. No resolution was found.

Hey Waylan, I don't feel a 1 start for this is very fair on this. A car not passing teach-in is 99% of the time an issue car side. And this is coming two months after working with you on this. We spent extra time on your car, beyond the time paid for to try different things and get it to pass. We even reached out to other resources about the issue afterwards, unfortunately we did not get much response on that side of things. We even gave an idea for a trick to help it pass, and offered to help you with it again. But you said you could try on your own. The last communication in that thread was from us, stating it needed to rev twice and that idle RPM should be unrelated. There was no response after that. There is only so much that can be done via an online service VS having the car in person unfortunately, and I feel we did everything we could given the situation. If you feel this is inaccurate, please feel free to email us.