WTF Is Going Full Time!

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WTF Is Going Full Time!

It's true... since the beginning of the year, we've been planning the transition to moving WTF into a fully fledged shop. TJ has even left his day job as a Java engineering consultant to be fully available for your wrenching and tuning needs!

With a team of four dedicated automotive enthusiasts here to help you with all of your parts and performance needs, you'll love your new clear choice for getting work done on your Evo X or Ralliart.

Our pricing is reasonable, and we guarantee all of our work with the utmost of confidence. Don't chance your prized Evo or Ralliart with just anybody. Bring it to folks that have done every conceivable thing to these cars dozens of times and who pride themselves on perfection and technical expertise.

Let our 7+ years of experience on this platform and our impeccable attention to detail minimize your downtime and put your mind at ease when caring for and upgrading your beloved Mitsubishi!

We'll be offering the following at our shop:

Basic Maintenance

  • Oil & filter changes
  • Used oil analysis
  • Air filter and cabin filter maintenance
  • Drivetrain fluid service (transmission - SST & 5MT, transfer case, and rear diff)
  • Coolant changes and flushes
  • A/C recharge and diagnosis
  • Spark plug inspection and replacement
  • Boost leak testing and repair
  • Compression and leak-down testing
  • Timing chain inspection and replacement
  • Oil pan repair and replacement
  • Engine diagnostics

Drivetrain Maintenance and Upgrades

  • ACD/AYC bleeding and fluid replacement
  • 5MT clutch replacement and upgrades
  • SST clutch replacement and upgrades
  • Transmission service and replacement (SST & 5MT)
  • Transfer case service and replacement
  • Rear differential service and replacement
  • Driveshaft replacement
  • Shifter bushing upgrades
  • Drivetrain bushing upgrades (driveshaft & rear diff)
  • SST teach-in & diagnostics

Engine Upgrades

  • Injector installation
  • Fuel system builds & installation (surge tanks, filters, FPR & fuel lines)
  • Intake installation
  • Intercooler installation
  • Charge piping installation (UICP & LICP)
  • Diverter valve installation and setup
  • Exhaust manifold repair and installation
  • Turbocharger repair and installation
  • Intake manifold installation
  • Catback exhaust installation
  • Downpipe installation
  • Test pipe & HFC installation (off-road use only)
  • Exhaust repairs and modifications (proper TIG welded repairs)
  • On-car upgraded camshaft installation
  • On-car valve spring installation
  • Fully blueprinted engine builds
  • Block sleeving

 Suspension, Brakes & Body

  • Brake pad replacement
  • Brake fluid exchange & bleeding
  • Brake line upgrades
  • Big brake kit upgrades
  • Front lip and splitter installation
  • Lowering spring installation
  • Coilover installation and set up
  • Anti-sway bar installation and set up (front & rear)
  • Upgraded bushing installation
  • Roll-center adjustment kit installation
  • Ball joint replacement
  • Tie rod end replacement
  • Power steering service

And of course, in-person dyno tuning services at our partner location will still be available.